The MQX Quilt Festivals™-New England 2017 Photo Memory Stick
Manchester, New Hampshire, April 5-8, 2017

MQX Quilt Festivals™-New England Memory Stick

$30.00, additional discs in the same order $25.00


Viewing this library requires a computer with a USB port, and a web browser. (Tested on Mac and Windows.)

The MQX Quilt Festivals New England 2017 photo memory "disc" is a 16GB USB memory stick loaded with high resolution photos of contest and special exhibit quilts, candid photos, and HD videos.

• 1314 High resolution photos 251 quilts and other articles, plus the Cherrywood challenge quilts, which were photographed in groups of six

• 278 candid photos of the show, from the show floor, classrooms, and surrounding area

• Videos in 720P HD, in MP4 format

    • A video of the entire awards presentation (about 35 minutes)

    • A video of the ugly pants contest and the musical presentation at the ice cream social (about 6 minutes)

    • A video of a walkthrough of the Expo Center show floor (about 21 minutes)

    • A video of a walkthrough of the Armory show floor (about 9 minutes)

All of the quilt photos are annotated with full catalog information.

A folder of mid-sized images with title/entrant overlay is also included, suitable for use screen savers and desktop backgrounds on computers, tablets, and phones.

Download the .PDF of the disc instructions here.

Also available by mail order. Download the mail order form.