The MQX Quilt Festivals™-Pacific Northwest 2013 Photo Memory Stick
October 9-12, 2013, Portland, OR

MQX Quilt Festivals™-Pacific Northwest Memory Stick

$30.00, additional discs in the same order $25.00


Viewing this library requires a computer with a USB port, and a web browser. (Tested on Mac and Windows.)

The MQX Quilt Festivals Pacific Northwest 2013 photo memory "disc" is shipped as an 8GB USB memory stick.

The disk contains 1193 high resolution studio quality photos of 250 contest quilts and special exhibit, as well as 361 candids of the show events and classes, presented in a form easily navigated using your web browser.

Also included are three high-definition (720P) Quicktime™ movies: The entire awards presentation, a walkthrough of the quilt exhibits on the show floor, and Janet-Lee and Mary's amusing musical number from the Ice Cream Social.

All of the quilt photos are annotated with full catalog information.

Download the .PDF of the disc instructions here.

Also available by mail order. Download the mail order form.