The Machine Quilters Exposition East 2008 Photo Disc
April 16-19, 2008, Manchester, New Hampshire

MQX 2008 Sleeve

$30.00, additional discs in the same order $25.00


Over 1000 photos of the 271 quilt and garment entries from Machine Quilters Exposition, April 16-19, 2008, multiple views of each

This disc is set up for both DVD player use and computer use.

365 Candid photographs of the show activities, another 166 of the fashion show, plus photos of the special exhibit "Best of Show, All Breed AKC" by Linda Hibbert, and a collection of quilter's vanity license places found in the parking garage by Klaus Diercks

Eight time-lapse videos from the web camera. The Thursday Armory video is the funniest, as the entire scene is drifting slowly as the tape holding it in place weakens, until the camera finally just falls over. You can watch this video in the on-line demo.

On the video portion of the DVD, the quilt slide show is accompanied by the music of Evan Paul, a Toronto-based classical guitarist and songwriter.

By special request, I can also make a PAL format DVD-R for use in Europe and Australia, and a feature reduced CD-R version.

Follow this link to read the errata for the 2008 disc. This is primarily applies to Linux users, and for use of the DVD content as a MacOS X hosted web site.

Download the .PDF of the disc instructions here.

Also available by mail order. Download the mail order form.